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        In order to ensure that all our students have a fun and safe sailing class, please read the following list of items that your child will need to have on the first day of class. To be ready to sail, students need to come to class equipped with the following items:


        • USCG approved Type II or Type III lifejacket with proper fit

        • Emergency whistle - attaches to lifejacket

        • Water/Gatorade/sports drink (no soft drinks or juice)

        • Boat, water shoes, sneakers (no open-toe sandals, Teva's, flip-flops or other open-toe sandals that could fall off and risk injury)

        • Sun screen


        Recommended Items for comfort:


        • Hat with a brim or visor

        • Sunglasses

        • Beach towel

        • Jacket (for cool days)

        • Students can wear bathing suits or shorts & tee shirts


        Remember to be ON TIME to class! 


        WHERE TO GO


        Classes will meet at the gazebo on the beach at the Sandy Hook Bay Catamaran Club, unless otherwise noted by your instructor.




        The first day of class differs depending on your sailing level, although each class will begin with a swim test and capsize exercise.  This test is to ensure that students can handle themselves in the water.  While wearing lifevests, students jump into the water from the floating dock and swim the length of the dock.  Next, students will learn how to capsize and right a boat.  This is practiced so that in the event of capsizing, students will have the skills to right their boat and continue sailing.  This skill will be practiced a few times throughout the course.


        Novice students will spend a lot of time learning about the parts of the Optimist (Opti), how they work, and how it is assembled.  Novice students will be introduced to knot-tying and proper care of equipment. Most Novice students will begin sailing in pairs in an Opti.  While one student focuses on handling the sail, the other student will learn how to operate the tiller.  Once a student learns to control the various parts of the boat, they will then sail on their own.  Every student will advance according to skill and comfort level with boating equipment.

        AHSEP Student Conduct


        Be prepared for each class and be on-time. Pay strict attention to instructors during indoor class times, and while out on the dock and water. Listen and be courteous to your instructors and to your fellow students. Take good care of all AHSEP equipment. Be supportive and helpful to your classmates. Keep our sailing site clean.

        © 2019 AHSEP

        CONTACT P.O. Box 43    Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716      ahsep01@gmail.com


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